Where can I find a cute backpack?

Where can i find cute backpacks other than lesportsac (I don’t like the designs they got now)???

Answer #1

Cute backpacks (If you mean child-cute) try places like Wal-Mart, Dollarama and other stores that carry children’s clothing.

Cute backpacks in general can be found anywhere, if you want something different try these sites:

ebay.com kijiji.ca amazon.com

Hope I helped -Jessica

Answer #2

hey well first off what grade are yah in?

L.L. bean for younger kids they have great backpacks all different sizes and styles

for older teens i relle like pacsun…roxy, volcom, dakaine, billabong (surfer style)

even try side bags aka messenger bags they are relle cute!! american eagle has them, pacsun.

I use a back pack and a purse. i own 2 roxy backpacks and i carry my lil stuff in a purse helps me keep organized im just heading into my senior year or 12th grade…you can get a purse pretty much anywhere-hollister, american eagle, coach, pacsun (relle cute little ones)

hope this helps <3 Laur

Answer #3

well depending how old you are… lol… i’m going to be a senior in highschool this year.. and at our highschool nobody carries backpacks.. so i personally am not looking for one.. but i was at hot topic yesterday at the mall and tehy had some cute dickies brand backpacks.. also Spencer’s had some dickies backpacks.. i personally like that type of thing but i’m not sure what your into.. just google it!

Answer #4

Have you looked on eBay?

They might even have better Lesportsac designs on there.

Answer #5

timberland has cute backpack. go to like a sport authority or somthing.

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