How would i babysit this child?

im meeting the family on friday, im nervous cuz its the first time im babysitting anyone EVER outside my school childcare program lol, but anyway the ages are 4 and 5 i think, its a boy and girl, but the boy has epilepsy and im veerrrryyy nervous about it, its not serious he just sometimes has seizures but he has medication for it. im babysitting for 9:30pm-12:30am, but can i get any tips for handling this situation

Answer #1

that depends on how old he/she is. as age is the main thing you need to think about what babysitting. their age determines how often/what you need to feed them, if you need to change them, ect. you also need to ask the parents of the child if it has any special needs or special diets (is allergic to anything,ect)

Answer #2

well the age is either 4or 5 i know that for sure, and he has medicine for his condition but thats all thats wrong with him, other than that hes a normal child, im just asking what are some things that i can do with them with the little time i have before they have to go to bed so its not boring for them cuz im not really experienced with babysitting, just setting up curriculum and teaching classrooms, etc

Answer #3

sorry i didnt read the information before i started typing, still trying to get used to the new layout of the site. i would say ask the parents as many questions as you can, ask them how they deal with his epilespsy and what they normally do if they notice anything going wrong

Answer #4

well kids generally love to play with things, so maybe something like fun toys. if he has seizures you will want to avoid anything that flashes, as that can bring a seizure on (so no flashing lights/toys or tv programs) maybe something crafy like painting/drawing a picture, listening to there favoutite songs (if they have any) you could get them involved in maing a simple meal they can eat (like sandwitches) or watch a move (that again doesnt have anything that flases) perhaps also ask there parents what else you could do or what they normally like to do

Answer #5

Just make sure he takes his medicine and ask his parents about what to do if he has a seizure. Make sure you listen closely and know what to do. Other wise, treat him like a normal kid. Good lucK!

Answer #6

Just ask his mother what to do if he has a seizure. And if by chance he does have one, don’t freak. It might make it worse. Just follow the steps the mother told you to take. I’ve baby sat MANY times before. I have baby sat one special needs child. Her name was Hayli and she had Spina Bifida manifesta Myelomeningocele. She was prone to seizures. It was hard. She had 1 seizure while with me. Since her mom worked right down the road, she told me to call her and she would rush there. She told me to do nothing else, except stay calm.

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