Would you say its stupid of me to have a baby when im 18 ?

Im nearly 18 this winter.
Would you say its stupid of me to have a baby when im 18 ?

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its up 2 yeww when yeww have kids.

my sister had her 1st kid when she was 18 and her second a year l8er

she sez she never regretes a second of it.

tats her thou evry1s diffrent people have children at diffrent ages.

but planning children is better make sure yeww are emotionaly and finatuly redy for life

a kid aynt just for christmas
and if its born wiv dissabilaties at 18 are yeww redy 4 them?
these are questions yeww need 2 ask yer self!
are yeww in a relation ship ??
wud yeww b a single mum??

just think it throu and don't rush in2 it!

but its all your desision nobody has the right 2 judge yeww

gd luck wiv watever yeww do

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and I have got a boyfriend that is long tearm, I hope

the "I hope" sends off red flags. have you talked to him about it? does he want a baby?
babies need stability and constant attention... that means you give up your social life.
why don't you and your "long term" boyfriend try taking care of a pet together first, and see what you can both handle.

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yh im waiting till 20.
after this happened I think its best and its a long wait but well worth it as then we can give are baby everything then and we will living together then and will have jobs as well

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That's so trashy...two years from now you will be living alone on welfare after your long term boyfriend gives you the boot. Then, you will be a young single mom trying to raise a child...don't do it, you WILL regret it. You have plenty of time. You do sound pretty smart though.. "I ain't pregnant..."

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yh I will make sure that my boyfriend is behind me and he will always behind me.
im going to get a job so I have money behind me if I need it.
and I have all of my famly around me too

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im learning how to drive really soon then ill have a car.
and my boyfriend is learning how to drive to
and I got savings kept away anyways and next summer my boyfriend starts work so he will be earning and ill be doing level 2 and 3 in childcare in college.

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it is good 2 wait cause you will be more mature and ready! it will be worth it. :) :) :) :) :) :)

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A Baby is a lot of work. I was pregnant @ 18 however; I miscarried. Money becomes a factor as well. So does your boyfriends views on having children.

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Having a baby isn't all fun and games. im 18 and have a 7 month old. its hard! social life is gone.. and you said you dont even know if your boyfriend will stick around to wait and have a baby.. that should send a message to you right away. raising a baby is hard.. and on your own is even harder. im lucky b/c I have support and I am currently in college. but babies..
cry all night and day long
sleep is a word that is going to mean a lot to you!
crib, clothes, formula, diapers, carseat...etc
formula 25 a can .. last a week maybe?
diapers 15 a pack last a couple days..

you are not ready

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I'm 18 and pregnant, and I just thought I'd fill you in on what I'm going through. Might shed a light on your clouded dream of what it is to have a baby.. it's not all hugs and kiss filled with love and smiles. It's hard work that needs 24 hr care. You shouldn't rush into this.. please just seriously think about it before you get pregnant because it's not just about what you want. There'll be a baby involved in all of this and it deserves the best and if that means waiting until you're 20 .. then so be it.


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I had a kid when I was 18 but it was not planned it takes a lot of work. I had to get a full time job not go to school I work 56 hours a week to support her. if your going to do it you need make sure your boyfriend wants to because it is a bad idea to go against his wishes too because you loose your social life right away and if he is not willing to do that you might end up raising your kid on your own. that is a decision you need to make if your willing to do that if you think your strong enough and really want this I say go for it but make sure you have the right kind of support and the right life good luck

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a baby costs a lot
a child even more

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why are u talking to me again kiasu ?
I changed it as I wanted to get from u

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I think 18s quite young, I have a baby sister, and I look after her a lot, and it's HARD WORK, and I'm not even looking after her all the time.

Babies cry all night, and are sick, and poop.

But, yeh, they're cute, and it's so amazing to watch them grow up !

But I would think that you want a life instead of just being a Mom ?

What about working in a nursery for a while, and seeing how you can cope with all the icky things of babies.

And, how would you provide for the baby, and would your boyf stick around, and where would you live ?

Sorry if I seem negative, I'm just trying to help :)


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I work with 2 year and 9 months to 5 year old children on a placement
im trying to get an electronic baby from college to make sure I am sure I want one.
its th hardest thing in the world to wait 2 year just to have a baby and I dont know if my boyfriend will be with me then as well

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I'm an advisor Tammy, I look through ALL the questions posted.

I'm sorry you dont like my advice when it is constructive and designed to help. If that is the case, I would suggest that you just ignore it.

You make me laugh. You change your name and then keep your photo and the same type of questions.

You cant hide from people on here Tammy because people that are just attention seekers will always keep posting the same type of questions but just reword them slightly.

Doesnt matter if you call yourself sexylittletinker, sexylittlebarbie, barbieface or tiny_tinkerbell.

In my opinion, you dont like my replies NOT because I am being horrible to you but because they catch you out with your lies and contradictions and the fact that you keep changing your stories.

It is not just me that will notice this Tammy, other members are clever enough to notice this as well.

As I said, if you dont like my advice, the same as advice from general members, please feel free to ignore it.

Take care


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when I have a child my child will prob having a disabity as I have one

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If your boyfriend wants you to wait, well then...

Good luck

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well I aint pregnant , I found it out today.
and aint happy

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it is a long time... forget what everyone else is saying... just get pregnant. have a baby. good luck.

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but its waiting for to have the baby thou.
it seems a really long time away.

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yh he sed we can have children at 20 or 21 but its seems abit long to wait

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my boyfriend wants to wait till im 20 but I dont know if I can wait or not.

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its a lot of work k. your 2 young 2 have a baby but its up 2 you k!:o

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more guys will like you if your a virgin so dont get knocked up kk

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and I have got a boyfriend that is long tearm, I hope

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I aint a virgin thou

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it's not too long to wait. get a savings going an get a pet for now. do you have a cousin or someone you could watch for a week this summer. see how much attention they take...

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ehh why do you think you cant wait.your 18 you cant wait for what? to eff up your kids life cause your a moron? : p

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Hi Tammy,
I like the new name.


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