job babysitting for the summer

I got a job babysitting for the summer for twins one boy and one girl they are 7 years old and I’m needing help coming up with activites for them…???

Answer #1

You can play hide and seek or any board game around the house. The girl would probably want to help cook but make sure that she is being safe. They like to play with stuffed animals but actually dolls, so the boy wouldn’t feel like he’s playing with dolls.

Answer #2

build a fort, either outside or inside the house, hide and seek is a great game for them, arts and crafts–> make stuf with construction paper, glue, glitter, etc…or make paper puppets with them and create a show, they love that kind of thing, go to a playground, some other stuff you can do: water balloons/squirt gun fight-game, or go skating/biking/ or use a scooter, if you play a board game make sure its not a complicated one, play something like mouse trap, or work with the kids to make your own game board with game pieces, its always fun making up a game :) enjoy.

Answer #3

board games, bring them to the park, run in the sprinkler, play school, go bike riding, go to the library, bring sports equipment to play withh.

Answer #4

aks them the best placew that they but make sure it near and brind then there

Answer #5

yh ican do all of that here is my email okay i dont mindi love kids

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