Do babies see things paranormal?

Do they dream? And is it true babies are very smart?

Answer #1

babies drool, poop & cry. how smart could they be? They might be a little bit more advanced than the average baby but thats it. As for the paranormal thing, they might, but to seriously answer that question you’d have to go back to being a baby & try to remember.

Answer #2

k thx. just wondering cause i got a new baby sister. and ya jw

Answer #3

Yes, they know everything including what you did last summer :P What do you think?

Answer #4

seriously? no i meant.. omg never mind.

Answer #5

Yes, babies are more subseptible to seeing paranormal things. The reason is because they have not developed a mental filter that says “ghosts arent real” they just see what exists. They see things for what they are. Its the way society and culture forms people. They are very smart, they double brain cells daily, they pick up on things and there instincts kick in which causes imprinting

Answer #6

It is true that not everyone believe in these kind of things, if baby sees things normal adults don’t. But here in my country, it is believed that before a baby can stand on their feed (in normal growing) they are protected by their guardian angel that sometimes play with them during their sleeping. Tat is why it often happens when baby is sleeping it cries or laughs all of a sudden. And it also can see things like devil when the devil is near them. Well, not all believe in this though, but I do.

Answer #7

i would like too :D

Answer #8

Wait to see when she becomes a little more interactive with the world. If you catch her smiling at the wall or celing, or when she can crawl if she seems to be following or interacting with something you can not see. I have personally seen this happen before.

Answer #9

i believe they surely dream

Answer #10

true story: when my dad passed away my mom rebulit her house my nephew was really close to my dad (his grandpa) he called him papa. While we were tearing down the old house my nephew says look at papa. We all look around and didn’t see anybody that would even resymbol papa. My mom was standing on the front pouch at the time, and we ask him (my nephew) where papa was, he stated kid you not standing on the front pouch behind grandma.

Answer #11

my nephew was only 4years old at the time.

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