Babies heart beat Theory, is it true?

the theory on babies heart beat being higher than 140 means a girl? & lower than 140 means youre carrying a boy? has anyone ever heard of this, has it happened to you or anyone you know that was pregnant?

also is it true that babies heart beat for boy sounds like a gallop wheras girl sounds like a train?

Answer #1

well I don’t know because when I was pregnant I had already found out I was having a boy and sometimes my docs mid-wife wud see me and when she wud listen to the heart she asked are you having a girl and I wud say sons grandma said they said the same thing about his dad so I don’t know good luck

Answer #2

I don’t know if that’s true or not, but I do know that if you’re prego, your ‘sperm-donor’s family tree has a lot to do with what you’ll have. For example, if your man has more sisters than brothers, odds are you’ll have a girl.

Also, there’s an old wives-tale that if you take a sharpened pencil and stick a needle through the top of the eraser with string through the needle, you can hold the string above the underside of your wrist and let the pencil move back and forth like a pendulum. If it moves parallel to your wrist, it means you’ll have a girl; perpendicular means boy. I don’t know why this works, but it’s really interesting b/c it’s dead-on right every time. The pencil will actually stop itself and spin in circles, then go back to tracing lines either which way. =]

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