Average waist size for men?

Average waist size for men? I have a 31 size waist, am I skinny or fat?

Answer #1

personally, I think for a man that is quite skinny, as there are a lot of women nowadays over that and man at 37. You should realy have nothing to worry about and the people at your work are…

Answer #2

body mass index*

Answer #3

hi, at 6’2” 195, my waist is 34 and at the age of 48, I am not complaining :0)

Answer #4

no real judge by waist size. I’m also a 31 and everyone at work makes fun of me for being fat but most guys are like 33 or 34 and they aren’t considered fat. It depends on the fat you have there more than anything.

Answer #5

33-36 is average waist for menin the US………..ur not skinny, depending on ur height, ppl usually go by their BMI(body nass Index) that tells you whether ur obese or leaned towards anorexia

hope this helps

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