What's the average amount of time spent for sleeping?

Answer #1

8 hours is what an average person needs a night.

Answer #2

8-9 for kids and 7-8 for adults

Answer #3

like 8-9 hours

Answer #4

for me like 6 -_-

Answer #5

9 hours. <3

Answer #6

Normal healthy human beings are supposed to have sleep anything around 6-8 hours daily. One should never take less than 6 hours as sleep as it will effect the next day and also health will be effected for sure. I used to get less sleep during my college exam days, but now i do sleep early and also get up early maintaining minimum of 8 hours.

Answer #7

Thanks guys for answering (; I’ve been doing so many tasks and only spend 3 hours for sleeping these days -.- and that’s pretty tiring lol

Answer #8

It depends on your age. If you are an adult you need 7-8 hours of sleeps. Children and teens generally anything from 8-10 Babies much more than that. And older people don’t generally sleep through the night.

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