Would Aupairing oversees be a good idea for someone who does not know what to study when done with school?

Answer #1

well it depends: do u get easily seasick? and r u good with kids of all ages? i know i would b good 4 the job but i hope ur even better! hope this helped ;)

Answer #2

also, u need 2 b ok with traveling and being away from family…

Answer #3

Thanks. Yea im alright with kids, Ive babysat a few times. Nope Don’t get sea sick as far as I know. Im just unsure of what to do after school and would love to hear from people who has done this before

Answer #4

cool, i havent done it but im a great babysitter even though im just 13 i am actually good at it and i didnt know u could aupair over seas i love boats so i say thnx 4 the info as well

Answer #5

being away from my family, no problem :)

Answer #6

I thought most au pair girls today travelled by aeroplane and not by boat.

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