How can I make sure I pay attention in class?

Hello there… Alright, so I skipped a grade and this year I am a Senior. I need to make sure I do well in my classes… The only two I am truly worried about is Geometry and Biology due to the fact that I am AWFUL with math and I can’t pay attention in either. I am extremely intelligent and very proud of it… However, in these two classes I just have the shortest attention span. What could I possibly do to ensure that I pay attention? I swear, if anyone says anything about me having ADD… I don’t think there is such a thing as ADD so don’t suggest anything like that… Seeing as how EVERYONE in the world has ADD… Anyways…Help?!

Answer #1

all u hav 2 do is move up closer 2 the teacher and sit in the front of the classroom and just listen 2 what the teacher is sayin and tak notes.keep ya head up baby gurl and gurl u a senior this school term is ur last year so u hav 2 do what ever thats possible 2 graduate

Answer #2

The only thing I can suggest is to make sure you sit in the FRONT row. I always did better in classes when I was in the very front- nothing else to focus on but the actual class, lol. - No looking out the door, the window, checking out what shoes other kids were wearing, etc…- you sound like a great kid - keep up the good work! ;)

Answer #3

Math Tutor.

Answer #4

mzanonymous has it right.

Distractions can be devastating so you want to get rid of as many of those as you can.+

When you pick your place to sit, also make sure there’s nothing behind where the teacher is that will distract you. If there are noisy, inattentive people around you, move if it’s not assigned seating, or (privately) mention to the teacher that you’re trying to focus and some neighbors aren’t helping much. You can do that without tattling, sure you can.

Get assignments done before the last minute. That way if you have a question about something you have a better chance of being able to ask before it’s actually due and get it right.

Good luck! Guy

Answer #5

Sit in the front roaw. dont pay attention to whats around you take notes =]

Answer #6

Thnx for all of the help, folks. ^_^

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