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Asking out a girl

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I'm a 14 year old guy in da 8th grade. Havnt kissed anyone and have only had 1 girlfriend. I'm not very social so it's very hard to ask out a girl in person. And when ever I do ask them out they all say no I am usually a casual funny guy an I try to fit in buying all of the latest trends for guys. I have asked all o my friends what to do and their ideas didn't work out with me. And this is probly a thing that might help me get a girl is to stop asking them out by phone orr text. I'm a technology wizzard love videogames and do realy dorky things like go to the comic book store but I never tell any girls about my geeky life because I thought that might help. So all I am asking is how do you ask a girl out and be your self? Also I have a crush on this girl at school who cheats a lot on the guys she dates, so could I get her out of her cheating habbit? And I need other opinions on what I should do please help me out I'm trying to get my first kiss thi year. Also I'm wanting to stay a virgin till I get married and all the guys on the locker room say they have had sex and crap and give crap about it to me! I am lost I need help!