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I'm a 14 year old guy in da 8th grade. Havnt kissed anyone and have only had 1 girlfriend. I'm not very social so it's very hard to ask out a girl in person. And when ever I do ask them out they all say no I am usually a casual funny guy an I try to fit in buying all of the latest trends for guys. I have asked all o my friends what to do and their ideas didn't work out with me. And this is probly a thing that might help me get a girl is to stop asking them out by phone orr text. I'm a technology wizzard love videogames and do realy dorky things like go to the comic book store but I never tell any girls about my geeky life because I thought that might help. So all I am asking is how do you ask a girl out and be your self? Also I have a crush on this girl at school who cheats a lot on the guys she dates, so could I get her out of her cheating habbit? And I need other opinions on what I should do please help me out I'm trying to get my first kiss thi year. Also I'm wanting to stay a virgin till I get married and all the guys on the locker room say they have had sex and crap and give crap about it to me! I am lost I need help!

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yeah dude they are right. it helps to become friends with the girl and work your way up to a relationship.

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I agree with the above, but sometimes it is hard to find a girl that is interested in those things, and being different sometimes means you fill what the other person is missing.
So with girls you like act like yourself, wear what you like(personally I don't pay attention to what brand boys wear, as long as you have a nice posture you are good to go, and can wear anything), talk flirt, get to know them before you ask them out! or maybe ask them out on a date, and then work your way up to boyfriend-girlfriend status
take your time and be yourself! it will all work out eventually!

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Okay the first thing imma tell you is that I am a 15 year old girl in tenth grade and I didnt have my first kiss until this past summer.. so dont rush it.. ALso you should find someone who likes what you like. Dont go out witha girl that you KNOW cheats on guys. If you think you can change her, you can try, but you might end up hurt.. A way to meet new girls is to explore new interests and you might make new friends(as well as girlfriends) and an example on finding someone with similar interests would be like this : I like Mangas and Bleach(anime) and LOVE music.. I would want to find someone who likes that stuff too (havent found a guy yet =() I have found a girl, but im not that way and she is my BFF... So YOu said you like comicz and Technology.. Find someone who likes that.. then get to know them and they might like you too.. Then if they do , they might ask you out. And if you get to know them then you will feel more comfortable asking tehm out in person..

hope I helped at least somewhat =D

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