How do I ask my daughter about her boyfriend?

I dont know anything about my daugthers boyfriend what do I ask him

Answer #1

To be honest, just leave him alone. Guys like to get to know the girls a lot more before meeting there parents. You should meet his parents or his mom to find out more about him. So then if he ever comes to your house you can ask like “Oh how is your mother” Its part of the stages with relationships :)

Answer #2

The usual questions you’d ask a guy you were dating. What’s his name, what does he like to do, what are his interests. Just drill him, but don’t scare him off. They’re together because they like each other. You don’t need your daughter hating you for scaring him off.

Answer #3

Stay out of her business.

Answer #4

Ok this is coming from am a 16 year old male.(your daughters boyfriend)

a)tell your daughters boyfriend about something embarrassing that happened to her.Something small but funny. Right there you will gain a semi relationship with him. Then when he feels open to you, find out what you want to know about him. Chances are, you will get a much more truthful answer.

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