ASB President & I need Help

I am really involved in student government and I run a lot of our activites, but I want to be pres. and I think my opponents have a chance. im running for ASB (all student body) President of my school and I need some AWESOME campaign ideas. What do people at your school do when they are running for a student officer? What really makes you want to vote for them?? Or what is something you have done that was really effective?? anything helps :) just leave me a quick answer

Answer #1

I ran for freshman class president and won. Talk to EVERYONE. Don’t make promises everyone knows you cant keep. Don’t act fake Make stickers, posters, and buttons/pins

Answer #2

First, I hope I’m not too late

I just got done campaigning for ASB President at my school and I win the election. Anywho! I made pens and a Facebook group about me running. Also, I went to which makes any picture on of those obama red and blue posters. You should also be on your best behavior and be a very nice person. You gain votes, not get them.

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