senior class president at school and I need a catchy slogan

HELP!! im running for senior class president at school and I need a catchy slogan people will love

Answer #1

Vote for Kiana, Smarter than the average Bannana!

From indiana to louisiana, no choice is better than Kianna!

Answer #2

take pencils and write on them

vote for kiana it’s the “write” choice

Answer #3

It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it - vote for Kikimac!

Check out the rest, then vote for the best - Kikimac!

Want an average student council? Vote for the other guy. Want an exceptional one? Vote for Kikimac!

Have Fun!

Answer #4

“Yes We Can” haha thats Obama’s slogan lol heres one you can use: “ You Want Me Come Get Me” lol sorry I really cant think of any good slogan :(

Answer #5

my name is kiana

Answer #6

whats your name

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