ASAP; running for school secretary, need funny slogans :)

my names denyel, last names winnett. I don’t know what to do, I need something funny :) help a girl outtt, please.

Answer #1

yeah! woop for my one! yay what one did you choose?

Answer #2

She has spirt, Yes she does! Vote denyel for Secretary, just because! (then is smaller letters below that write why you want to be secretary)

Answer #3

Haha I like the “Help Me Winnett” one!!! Umm… You’ll be a winner by voting for Winnett.

Answer #4

Making the world better since [birth year]. [Name]

Vote for fresh blood on student council: Vote [Name]. (use a vampire theme, since so many young people are into Twilight right now)

Answer #5

help me winnett!

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