Are my nipples small?

Okay im only 14 years old but I really want to know if my nipples are small. I were a size B almost a C cup but my nipples are about an 1inch up and down, side to side. Are my nipples small?

Answer #1

no nipples come in all shapes sizes and colors. im about your breast size and my nipples are about the same size as yours. your nipples are fine.

Answer #2

Does it matter? I had no idea. They all look different.

Answer #3

no there not

Answer #4

I don’t know Im a guy

Answer #5

Do you know the human body is amazing and all are different. Also you are 14 and body things will change as time passes. I know, I had hang-ups about my body at your age too. Looking back - I need not have worried - really.

I would say that your size is fine and many woman would love to have those proportions.

Enjoy yourself and life

Answer #6

I think that if you are only 14 years old that you should have a lot more concerns in like than your nipples. Why would a nice young girl want to ask a bunch of total strangers and quiet possible lecherous, fat old men who sit around in dirty boxers all day long, about her nipples. Do you not have a mother or sister you could ask an intimate question like that. Honey many of the people on the internet are not who they seem to be and you really don’t want some child molesting pervert who claims to be a sexy 16 year old boy (not speaking of anyone in particular here) contemplating on your childhood nipples. Who knows how they will be when you grow up, and then if you still have concerns about them when you are an adult and thinking of having children you can ask your doctor.

Answer #7

send me your nipples pic.. let me see. (

Answer #8

where can I see your nipples’ pick?

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