Are Mormons Christians?

Do you believe that Mormons are Christians?

Answer #1

I don’t know if I understand Kay Kay when you say that because ‘mormons’ believe differently about God that they aren’t Christians. If you noted the above answers, Christian actually means follower of Christ, so by the very definition of the word, ‘mormons’ should be classified as Christians. What gives different religious organizations the right to include or exclude ‘mormons’ in christianity. I don’t believe all the different religions believe the same things about God, but they are still included under the umbrella of Christianity.

Differences don’t make ‘mormons’ belief in Christ and His teachings any less valid, in my opinion. If they say they believe in Christ and adhere to His teachings, they would be considered a follower of Christ, or in other words a Christian.

As far as the “one God and one God only” is concerned, that’s not entirely acurate. ‘Mormons’ do believe that if we live the commandments of God and are saved through Christ’s blood that we can be perfected through that blood and become like our Father which is in heaven, that we have the potential to inherit all that God has (you can find reference to this in the Bible), but they believe in the one true God, God the Father and in His son Jesus Christ. This however does not have anything to do with the classification of ‘mormons’ as christians in my opinion. It has more to do with differences of beliefs between christians. Like differences between Baptists and Catholics, or Evangelists and Pentecostals. There are similarities between all the religions that believe Christ is the Saviour of the world as well as a multitude of differences that separate one denomination from another. The differences don’t exclude any of those religions from Christianity.

Answer #2

The question wasn’t whether Mormons are good or bad or if there are differences between Christianity and Mormanism. The question was, “are they Christians”? They are indeed Christians because they use and spread the message of Christ and accept Jesus as the savior. Like the previous comment, Mormanism is merely another denomination of Christianity.

According to, a Christian is “a person who believes in Jesus Christ; adherent of Christianity.”

Answer #3

Mormons claim to believe in Jesus, but they don’t really. They claim to be Christians, but they aren’t.

Mormons do not believe that Jesus is part of the trinity. They do not believe that He was God and man at the same time. They believe that Jesus and Satan are spirit-brothers. They also teach that men can BECOME gods. here’s an exerpt from a testimony of an ex-Mormon:

“Our Father in heaven loves us so much,” I often said, parroting our lesson script, “that He provided a plan [Mormonism] for us to become like him.” I didn’t mention that Mormon godhood includes spirit procreation throughout eternity. Neither did I hint that the Mormon God was formerly a mortal man, had lived on an earth like ours, and had earned salvation through good works. However, such polytheism strips God of glory and sovereignty. No wonder the Bible condemns it so strongly. When discussing plural gods on my mission, I sidestepped Isaiah 44:8 whenever possible. “Is there a God beside me?” the passage reads. “Yea, there is no God; I know not any.” Other verses amply testify that only one God exists in the universe (Deuteronomy 4:35, 39; 6:4; Isaiah 43:10-11; 45:21-23).

Above from

Furthermore, the book of mormon contradicts the Bible in at least 16 places that I can see. It says things like Jesus was born in Jerusalem (no, He was born in Bethlehem). It also admits its own errors, like several places where it reads, “I wrote this to the best of my recollection” or “we translated this as best we could, not knowing the original language.” By contrast, the Bible says, “All scripture is GOD-breathed.” God is without error, therefore the book of mormon is not of God.

Answer #4

People seem to get really worked up about this question. What does it matter to you if someone considers themselves a christian or not? I think a lot of people look so hard at other peoples’ beliefs to find faults that they forget about working out their own salvation.

Have the “mormons” beliefs injured anyone? Do the “mormon’s” beliefs deminish your faith? Does equating “mormons” with christians make your salvation any less real?

I have known many “mormons” and would consider them some of the best people I know. They believe in strong family values, they teach about Christ and his teachings and that we should all love one another, which are all very admirable qualities. They have their faults I am sure, not one person living on this planet today can say that they don’t. Doesn’t seem to me that someone who believes in Christ and follows His teaching should not be considered a Christian.

As far as the cult thing goes, I’m sure the early christians after Christ’s death would have been considered a cult. It was not in vogue to be christian at that time. They were the odd men out. So before we go passing out labels to recognized religious organizations lets examine our own relationship with God and make sure that we know all we should know. There is too much knowledge to be had by studying your own beliefs to delve deep enough into someone elses and make judgements.

Answer #5

Yes Mormons are Christian… if you want to know, just ask a Mormon yourself (I know where you can find one). The name of the Mormon church is actually The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints. Now, knowing that, how can you say that Mormons don’t believe in Jesus Christ. The Book of Mormon is an account of people over in North and South America suring the same time as the Holy Bible. Also, the Book of Mormon wasn’t written by Joseph Smith… it was translated by Joseph Smith… BIG difference. The definition of a cult, by the way, is any group of people that come together regularly for the same purpose or intent. So yes, I guess the Mormon church is a cult, but so is every other religion, so what does it matter?

Are there any other questions that need to be brough to the attention to a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints? (Mormon is a nickname)


Answer #6

As far as the Mormon church being a cult. A while back I figured out that:

Any religion older than your own is a mythology.

Any religion newer than your own is a cult.

So by this definition most Christians would consider the CoLDS to be a cult.

Answer #7

No. The number one difference that seperates Mormons from Christians is that Mormons teach that people can become Gods in the celestial kingdom and that there is more than one God, while Christians believe that there is one God and one God only.

Answer #8

Mormons are christians…They believe in Jesus Christ. “The church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints” They follow the bible and the book of mormon.

Answer #9

That is the basics of their whole religion. It is called “The Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints” Yes they are christians, and no I am not a mormon.

Answer #10


Answer #11

Best I can tell Mormons believe all the basic tenets of Christianity. They read the old and new testaments. They have just added some more stuff to it.

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Answer #13

I agree the trying of your faith makes your belief stronger although I’m not sure that the trying of your faith includes the degradation of other’s faiths. I don’t mean to sound agitated, I just find it interesting that people are so passionate about the exclusion or inclusion of ‘mormons’ in the world of christianity. I think the good that they do not the differences in their beliefs would show what kind of people they are and that they are trying their best to represent their belief in God and Jesus Christ through their actions.

I think it would be better to explore commonalities in religion and see the good that the majority of religions bring to their believers rather than point fingers, segregate, or be on the defensive because of the multitude of diferences between them.

Answer #14

If you ask a mormon - Yes. If you ask others. . . More than likely know. In truth the Mormon religion is classified as a Christian organization in the Fact they Believe in Christ. looking at the steucture of the church they actually got some things right in line with scripture. Elders, Deacons, Communion. . . But the also have things wrong. The Book of mormons is not supported by history in any way and at any time, Apostols were appointed by Christ no a man made commity. the Church has No Earthly headquarters. . . ( Salt Lake city. ) Also the Morman Church Was listed as an Occult in the Mid 20th Century. . . That one shocked me.

Answer #15

well when you ask people if they believe a certain way, historical views don’t usually get taken into account…and as to the fact of whether or not they are Christians, the U.S. Government recognizes them as an established religion and for the most part the Mormons have done alot of good in the world (we are going to exclude that little bout with the government about taxes, paligamy, and schooling of children)…carrying on to the matter at hand, the Book of Mormon does state that Jesus Christ is the Saviour…more or less…and aliasajent, surely by the trying of your faith makes your belief in your “religion” stronger?…

Answer #16

You are correct the early Christians were considered a Jewish Sect. . . And Religion is a sore subject with a lot of people no one was saying they didn’t have strong values. . . . We were discussing the historical Views of the question. Now the original Question was. . . “ Do you believe that Mormons are Christians? “ It is a question ones point of view it’s like asking a Cathlic if a Mormon is a Christian or a Mormon if a Cathlic is a question. . . . . The official view of either group is No But they both have Good people with good values . . I could go on with this but is would serve no good purpose at this time so I won’t.

Answer #17

No, mormons are not christians, because they have an extra book (the book of mormon) and they have an extra set of rules.

Answer #18

Christians follow the bible, Mormons follow the Book of Mormon, written by a prophet called Joseph Smith.

Answer #19
Answer #20

Mormons are definetely not christians

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