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Should I apologize to my daughter?

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My 11 yr old adopted daughter was adopted at age 5-6.We are a Christian Household.We do indulge our children,but we expect cooperation and hard work in return.Dear Daughter is allergic to cooperation. Last weekend she was very mouthy and refused to go to her room when ordered,after backtalking my wife.I finally had to march her in there by her arm.She turned to leave her room after I took her in there,I grabbed her arm and said to her,"You know that's not allowed!What's wrong with you?Why are you acting this way?Mommy and me aren't exactly happy about this."When she tried to leave again that was the last straw. I piled cushions on her bed,took off my belt,and told her that she was out of chances."You're too big of a girl to act this way.Now,come here!" To be exact.She at first refused then after a bit of stomping and tears gave in. She trudged over and right before she climbed up on the pillows told me."I hate you!And wish you were dead!" "I'll give you a ****** reason to hate me!" I yelled and "lost it". I'm sure I crossed the line,but i didn't bother looking.When I was tired,I just left. She didn't come out of her room for 2 days and now she won't even look at me.