How hard is the GED?

How hard is it? I’ve seen a billion practice sites and aced every test they’ve thrown at me, but I don’t believe it can be QUITE as simple as these practice sites lead me to believe.

Answer #1

I quit my final year of high school and I went back to get my GED right before my freshman year of college and I passed it (for the commonwealth of Kentucky). In hindsight it’s a breeze compared to college level work. But it is sort of a comprehensive exam so it’s not going to take 10 minutes–I struggled with math, and even in college it’s still not my best subject to deal with. Look around for your states requirements and take a timed practice test to give you a better idea of what it will encompass. Overall I’m sure you’ll be able to pass it. Best wishes!! -S

Answer #2

I have my GED. I Took it in Missouri, and although every state is different, it took me several tries.. and I had a Solid 3.17 (B Average) in college, so to be honest. They make it harder than what it is for the normal high schooler, to pass normal high school. But I believe in you & you can do it!

Answer #3

Thank you very much for the advice =]

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