Who has taken the ged test?

I have had some complications with school..and so now I have to get my ged. I heard it was easy but im kinda nervous. What do you think? Was it easy or hard? What section was the hardest?

Answer #1

okk. ya maths not one of my good subjects either haha. english is though:) so that and the essay should be easy for me. and im def takin that class before I take the test too haha. thanks for the help!

Answer #2

I got my GED, and the test are all different in different states. Mine was fairly easy. for me the hardest part was the math. the easiest was the english and the essay. but you never know it could be different for you. everyone has strong points and math just isnt mine, but it may be for you. GED test are really just basics and general knowledge questions. its not like you have to study for anything. I do recommend takeing a GED class before going to take your actual test just to refresh your memory. you dont want to go and take it and fail and have to pay to take it again.

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