anyone making AMVS? help?

so on youtube my friend showed me some awesome AnimeMusicVideos (AMVs) made by youtubers… and I’ve been itching to try out my WindowsMovieMaker but I dont have any clips that I can use they’re all the wrong format… I need Video Files (ei: .avi .mpg .m1v .m2v etcetcetc) but I dont have a recording device so I cant make them myself… does anyone know a site or something where I can download movie/anime clips in the proper format so I can make an AMV? possibly for free?

Answer #1

you could try downloading wmv video files from the internet or if you rip the video from a dvd by using a dvd copy program you could you a online file converter they have free online file converters all you do is upload your file to the site and then they convert it then you just download the converted file and you could delete the original file to save room on your hard drive.

so basically you can download wmv files or just so to and download a free file converter I use prism video converter and any video converter both are free from and I also use dvd decrypter and dvd shrink both of these program copy the dvd and then the other 2 programs convert them then I just delete the original files so it does not take up so much room on my hard drive.

Answer #2

Well, you could probably just use a file converter to make your files the proper format.

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