Does anyone know what happened to the Spy vs. Spy movie they were going to make a few years back?

You remember the old cartoon that was on MadTV spy vs. spy. There were previews that they were going to make a real movie about that but I haven’t seen anything about it since. Its like they decided not to finish the movie or something.

Answer #1

I can’t find an entry for it in the Internet Movie Database (IMDB) so I’m guessing the poject got canceled before it went too far.

Answer #2

:( I was looking forward to it!

Answer #3

Yeah, they had several talks about making it a film, but none of the directors really got serious about it. It’s like the Halo movie. I remember there were like 50 rumors of a Halo film, but they never made it. Ugh, sometimes I hate cinemas and their way of teasing the public with sneak peeks only to be disappointed by cancellations.

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