Any tips for a sucsesful carboot sale?

Ok well im having a carboot sale selling sum of my old things, any tips on how to make it sucessful??? I wud be greatful, because I need money :) lol

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make sure everything is on show and say if somebody buys 2 things give them a third free, and be cheap with stuff. you will still make money, malthough is this just to get some cash or mainly about clearing stuff out

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car boot sales are held in feilds, with a lot of other people trying to sell there things lol so theres no real need for sign thingys

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I LOVE YARDSALES!!! I would get a table and spread the things out nicely. and make shure it is visable to the road. and if I were you I would put up signs on teliphone poles. that what we always did. and have an arrow pointing to the way the sal will be. put up and t 8 or nine. so people can follow the arrows to your house!

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Hi, I'm Andy and I run the popular Rusper Car Boot Sale in Sussex. Before running my own boot sale, I was a regular seller at many car boot sales, dealing in antiques and collectables.

At the Rusper Car Boot we really do care about all our visitors and have created a great website that includes full guides on - How to sell, What to sell and How to Buy!

Car boots can be daunting places and it's true to say that there are some simple rules that will help ensure you have a fun and profitable day.

Do check out our website

Have great fun Car Booting!

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