Any ideas for a short story?

I have to write a short story for creative writing. I want it to be witty, fun to read. Any ideas? I have this one idea about random people getting trapped in the mall together or something, each with different personalities, but after I wrote it I realized that I had no ending. Stupid, I know.

Answer #1

My dad wrote one years ago about a fat boy who was so tired of being teased and being a social outcast that he went into the woods with a rope to hang himself. Due to his weight, the limb snapped, and he broke both his legs. He starved to death.

It is not a “nice” story…but it is ironic.

Answer #2

“The last man on Earth sat down to dinner…there was a knock at the door.”

Answer #3

start off with something amazing, like ahhh,! I yelled, as I almost crashed into a tree. make it a readers digest. write about whats happening in your social life.:]

Answer #4

hey, write what comes to mind. Think of anything… I mean anything. You get a good story flowing when you get a little input from other people. Ask someone for an idea, or a little add on to your idea. It’s not cheating by getting someone else to add an idea. I’m sure even the best of writers had to have a little help from their friends, right?

Answer #5

Well, I have to write a short story for english, and here is my idea. It’s the year 3015 and a girl is going out with an alien, but, the alien is a murderer. In the end, he kills her. What do you think?

Answer #6

I recall this fantasy, of having relationships met on a wide forum gathered in a mid-century castle, all dressed up for a masked dress bal, and having everyone try to recognize whom they had been in contact with …

Answer #7

Pick a subject that really interests you. Do a bit of research. Think of a comical situation and try and tie them together. Personal experiences work best. Think of something that’s happened to you and try and rewrite it but exaggerate everything immensely. Or base a story on a dream you had. That’s always bound to be interesting. Perhaps write a story about trying to write a story. A little cliche perhaps but can be good if you do it well.

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