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If I Were To Ask Heaps Of People And Do A Survey Just Asking The Question “What Do You Think Love Is?” Most People Say “Sex” When I Know For A Fact That Sexual Intercourse Is Just One Pleasure For Being In Love With Someone.. What Is Love.. Actually?

Answer #1

First, I would disagree that most be would say love is sex, and I think love is lovings a persons flaws, for lust you need to see an illusion of perfection but for love you need to love the flaws.

Answer #2

Love is caring for a person. Just being there for them. Giving your heart to them. Making them happy with all you have. Enjoying their company. And in the end, giving them sex. Because you cannot have true love without sex. sorry, but true. but its not the most important part. you have to be happy with each other. make each other laugh. know that of all the girls or guys in the world, you would choose the person you are with, because they are the one you want forever. and prove to them that you love them.

Answer #3

I think love is a feeling no one can describe because its more of what you feel on your own theres a huge difference between love and lust and sometimes people get them confused I think love is when you cant stand to be away from that certain someone for more than a day and you would be willing to give up your happiness to make them feel better when there sad and to beable to love them for everything they do and everything they are and not just for the good things but for the not so good things to because thats still apart of them and youll be there for them no matter what time of day or where you are

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