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Hiya Thanks to all who emailed me back on rebooting my laptop. what I done was restored back to a date that my laptop was going good and Ethmer ga\ve me some good advice on restoring my system and virus protection downloads for FREE...Can I just ask someone what is tracking cookies as when I downloaded AVG and clicked into residential shield and tabbed on the tracking cookies tab, when started a scan a pop up kept appearing saying tracking cookies detected. What does this mean! so I untabbed it from then. Also the viruses I had before will they be gone now? Sorry all new to this nternet and afraid of doing something wrong. Any help or tips be well appreciated. Thanks MANDY

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Tracking cookies are USUALLY completely harmless, and many websites will try to install them either into your browser or onto your system. Most of the time, they are used to store completely harmless information, like which pages you've looked at on a companies website, how long you looked at them, etc. This information is then complied to create a user profile for you, which can be used to, say, tailor advertisements to you that companies think will match your interests, or track which news pages you look at and which you don't so that the ones you like will be featured more prominently.

Sometimes, tracking cookies can be used to invade privacy, but for the most part, they are benign. If you are worried about them, you can remove them and block them without any ill effects to your computer. The only downside is that it may take certain pages a little longer to load.

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that restore stuff dont work you need to reprogram it

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