How to increase my chances of pregnancy?

is there away to have sex that will increase my possibilities of getting pregnat

Answer #1

You can try the yoga position “The Plow” with feet straight up and hip off mattress. Othere stuff you can do to increase the chance to get pregnant woulb be no more caffeine, limit milk intake, start prenantal vitamins, drink lots of water and orange juice, and think positive! It will happen just give it time.

Answer #2

Dear tori_25, There is no need to stand on you head, or get into different positions to help here. Sperm are swimmers and they do not require help to get to were they are going these are all old wives tales. It is fact that the more sperm the more chances of getting pregnant. The male must wait till you are fertile before having sex…avoid ejaculation any other time. If after a year you are not pregnant seek out medical attention. They will do some very simple tests. Sue…good luck

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