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To start with, I really don't want hardcore anti-smokers posting sheets of facts and statistics about smoking and the body or life expectancy or what-av ya!
I was on my lunch at work today and it seemed that I had just realized that I've been smoking tobacco for over 5 years! I started when I was 13 and I am 18 now.

Basically, I eat healthly (as in, fruit and veg everyday) I don't really like salty foods or red meat, I don't drink alcohol what-so-ever, I havn't had any family members who have had heart attacks or strokes, only my nan had breast cancer at around 83 but they managed to cure it and she's still alive and kicking!! My gramp smokes a lot god bless him and he's in his late 70s. And I wouldn't touch recreational drugs with a barge pole!

Should I be worried? There's so much anti smoking going around that it's hard not to be, but I've just summed me, my diet and my family in nearly a whole, but I would like others opionions! Cheers.

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Yep I don't want to date a smoker. Also in the summer months it just seems too hot to smoke and it is so expensive. Sounds like you think about health in all your other life habits so, even though you may live forever smoking, why take the chance? And why waste all that money? Good luck!

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You don't need to stress tooo much, but smoking is TOTALLY bad habit that you should try to break!! Good for you for actually thinking about it!

-good luck!

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I smoked for 20 years, starting when I was 15 (far more acceptable then than now). I quit because it became so unpopular and we were not allowed to smoke indoors any longer. When I did I couldn't believe how my clothes and my car smelled. And when I was around those who smoked the odor was bad. You won't notice it while you are smoking, but try quiting for a week. You'll understand. xxpoeticskaterxx pointed out that you're loosing out on a lot of ladies, who don't want to be around a smoker. Glad you are thinking about the issue.

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Quit now. Its very bad for you whether it runs in your family or not. Plus it makes your teeth yellow, and stink around other who don't smoke. Some girls/guys hate people that smoke and think it's gross, so it's a major turn-off for them. Theres a whole bunch of other stuff it does that is not good for you. SMoking does nothing good for you... So why do it? You should quit. =]

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Yes, you should be worried. The heart and lung problems associated with smoking strike somewhat randomly. Your gramps may live to 100, and you might die of emphazema at age 45.

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