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What does everyone think of this poem?

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I wrote another poem, but they took it off the site, they said it had bad content, and they don't like what I write,

Freedom of speech is useless, in this censored world today, I'd really like to tell you, what I am not allowed to say,

What is the point of talking, if you can't speak whats on your mind, I don't censor my music, because it feels just like a lie.

Censorship is control, controling what we do, controlling what we hear, controlling what we view,

I feel just like an animal, I'm trapped inside a zoo, People telling me whats what, in attempts to hide the truth.

I won't let you control me, I won't ever let you win, I'm way to strong and way to smart, so know who you're messing with/

You can try all that you want, but you can not hold me down, in the end, you'll be the one, who's lying on the ground/

I wrote a poem and they wouldn't let me post it so here's anotha one, this one only took 2 min because I was so inspired lmao. This has to be a question, sooo... WHAT DOES EVERYONE THINK OF THIS POEM?!?!?!