Does being anorexic cause you to become more hairy?

I have always had hair on my body, like on my arms and what not but ever since I have been losing weight I have noticed that I am gettig more hair on my body. Can being anorexic do this to your body or what is the reason for this?

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yea your body starts growing fine blonde hair everywhere to try and stay warm

Do all men have hairy assses?

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yes - people with anorexia commonly grow fine hair all over their face and body.

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That's very interesting, I have been anorexic for 20 yrs and I don't have that issue, goes to show everyone is differant

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It does when you become really thin whilst anorexic. Your body does not have enough fat to insulate you from the cold, so you grow fine hairs to help combat this a little and keep you warmer. It is your body showing it is not that healthy as it can't just function as usual anymore, it needs this extra hair to help it mantain your basal body temperature.

If you feel you have an eating disorder then please do try and get help. There is a difference between losing weight and doing so in an unsafe way- you can achieve a lovely level of being slim through a good healthy balanced diet(and exercise to supplement this if you wish), which includes all the food groups in a balanced way and allows your body to function perfectly whilst still being slim.

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imlonely i dont mean to be rude but i thought that anorexia nervosa was the inability to maintain the minimum body weight of 15% or below..

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Not as far as I know, what exactly are u getting at? Maybe I can clear it up for u

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I don't think that people with anorexia nervosa have to be a certain weight. I just think it's the desire to have a certain weight, and going to great lengths to control and achieve it.
It's a psychological thing. Just being underweight doesn't make you anorexic.

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oh well from the articles ive read online it says they are suppose to be underweight. I always thought it was more of psychological as well i just dont want to think that and be wrong.

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Go to a real hospitol for eating disorders, it a misconception that all of them r paper thin, and weight isn't the only reason becomes anorexic, they cud have control issue, that's my problem, when I feel I have no control over wat goin on around me I tend to not eat at all because that's one thing I can control

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From what I know, people who are anorexic often gain weight because of the weight loss skills they tend to use. Most cases definitely tend to result in the person being extremely underweight (among other things) but it doesn't always start that way. If that makes sense.

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You've been anorexic for 20 years!?

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Yes, I don't have such an issue now but its just like any other d*ug disease, one ur one u will always have to struggle and cud relapse at anytime, believe me its not fun

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Oooops supposed to say once ur one u will always have to struggle not to relapse

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Actual, DSM definition states 'Refusal to maintain body weight at or above a minimally normal weight for age and height: Weight loss leading to maintenance of body weight <85% of that expected or failure to make expected weight gain during period of growth, leading to body weight less than 85% of that expected.'. I would be interested in any eating disorder clinic that took issue with the DSM criteria. And while you are correct that control is very usually the root issue, that has nothing to do with the fact that people who are diagnosed with anorexia have to be under a certain weight (based on their height). These doctors you've met apparently are making up their own diagnoses.

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