What do think is the most annoying commercial on tv?

Answer #1

“Its my money and I need it now!” that one!

Answer #2

I’m with u on that

Answer #3

The freaking auto insurance commercials. So annoying!

Answer #4

The progressive ones and geicco get on my nerves

Answer #5

The Logistic commercial…that song!

Answer #6

Yeah that song is VERY ANNOYING

Answer #7

Zoosk …. Soooo annoying

Answer #8

Yeah those r corny

Answer #9

Them state farm commercial………Like a good neighbor state farm is there with a hot tub…..lol its so stupid

Answer #10

Head on! Apply directly to the forehead. Head on! Apply directly to the forehead…

Answer #11

go compare adverts |-) hate them with a passion.. I have got to the point where i now mute my tv when they come on :L

Answer #12

me 2 :P

Answer #13

probably the zhu-zhu pets and the squinkster or squinkie whatever they are comersials…

Answer #14

Adverts for tampons, sanitary towels and disposable diapers that they invariably screen at meal times.

Answer #15

Lol that true about meal times and those commercials, makes me not wanna eat

Answer #16

Shamwow… I’ve seen atleast 7-8 different phone numbers for it and the guy is super annoying

Answer #17

f**king american exercising machines

Answer #18

The one with the song….I went on the internet and found education con-nec-tion…get connected for free. gosh its annoying

Answer #19

the comercial is annowing but they work really good :)

Answer #20

I hate all commercials but i think teh worst ones are the political ones during election season they are like all you see after a week of a commercial airing you can say the words along with it.

Answer #21

Don’t forget life alert “HELP! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”

Answer #22

Another one is the oxyclean ones

Answer #23

This one =/ I HATE it.

Answer #24

I agree with that, so glad I have DVR

Answer #25

“stinky, stinky,stinky :O…”………”HEFTY,HEFTY,HEFTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:D

Answer #26

I actually enjoy that one, it’s cool.

Answer #27

I love the insurance commercials epsiecally Safe Auto & State Farm,I like the Potty Dance. I strongly dislike commercials that talk about tampons/pad and Creditreport ever since the original band left I haven’t been into their commericals.

Answer #28

Also, that commerical about what the future could be like if China owns America. It’s not annoying but scary how that could be the possible future.

Answer #29

me too :)

Answer #30

i love that one i always get it stuck in my head…only bad thin

Answer #31

The vid. won’t show up for me… what is the commercial you guys are talking about? :O

Answer #32

never seen a commercial like tha

Answer #33

Dylan, it’s this one: …Went to high school didn’t do great.Now i’ve gotta make more cash and more education is what i’m lookin’ at…

Answer #34

“New allegra without a prescription.” I don’t know why it bothers me so much but it does. It comes on all of the time. I don’t have cable and I am overexposed to it just by visiting friends who do have cable. So.

Answer #35

Anything pharmaceutical stuff that begins with “SAFE AND EFFECTIVE” and ends with”NO APPROVED THERAPEUTIC CLAIMS”.

We’re consumers, not lab rats!

Answer #36

The go compare ads, if i met that guy i would be forced to seriously harm his vocal cords in the interest of publiv safety

Answer #37

Go compare!!!

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