annoyed about sex questions

is anyone else annoyed by all the 13/14 year olds saying they wanna have sex? and then they ask question saying they think they’re pregnant and they’re worried. don’t you think is so irratating, seriously do school even teach sex education any more?

Answer #1

Well schools do teach students about this, but some people take advantage of the knowledge they have. They feel wise enough to start doing it on the basis that they know basic things about the issue. It’s a bit of a two-edged sword really. When one has knowledge, they can either use it for better for for worse.

I do admit that it is a little worrying to see people so young as 12 and 13 having sex. However, if they wish to make that choice, then it is up to them. All we can do here is advise them as to how they can deal with the problems they are having, lol. If they get pregnant as a result of poor choices, unfortunately, it is their problem (and one for their families and friends). People tend to learn from their mistakes and so we should try not to condemn them too much because the pregnancy will be hard enough. You just need to acknowledge that these things do happen. If you have a real problem with people asking these questions, the best course of action you can take is to not help them at all.

Answer #2

it is so fcking annoying! I honestly think these kids are trying to get attention by saying they’ve had sx and think they are pregnant. I mean REALLY?!? who gives a sh*t?!?!? so my advise to these kids is to come up with something better to get more attention…

Answer #3

well I think that is your opinion beacause they will have somebody to talk to if their not comfortable askinq their friends or parents so I think you are totally wronq so whatever and if you are so annoyed then stop readinq it !!

Answer #4

yeah seriously im a teenager whos confused about things and I cant ask my dumbass friends for help because they know just about as much as me, I dont want to do anything stupid and people on this site have been helpful and insightful, I think its rude to post a question like this stop being a hater you might have just made an innocent teenager not ask a question she/he needs answered and now they will go and try to figure it out by themselves and alone, weren’t you a teenager once? its not easy and there are so many teens who have pressure on them from ages be4 they have a health course, it might be crazy that they are asking these questions but they are looking for help! leave them alone

Answer #5

this question is annoying.. like why is this necessary? to show your like mature on funadvice? cool.

Answer #6

Yes. sorry but if you dont know how people get pregnant, then stop having sex. We cannot psychically divine it…

Answer #7

I agree with you, its quite annoying.

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