Wierd after sex question

Now this is going to seem wierd asking this, and funny but, everytime me and my girl have sex, and right after we finish, we booth have to burp, every single time this happeneds. Why is that lol?

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Teehee. that's kinda cute actually.

well...maybe the gasping in of air during intercourse is causing it...try eating a little snack before sex and see if that helps at all...hope this helps...if not...it's still really cute.

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Maybe you usually eat before you have sex then the air needs to come out, lol.

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Probably all that physical activity and pressing your bodies together pushes the air out!

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Hahaha, that is sort of funny(: Maybe during sex you swallow a lot of air and it makes you burp. Lol, I don't know ?

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