Can you have anal sex without a condom?

Answer #1

Yes you can but it is not safe, you could get the girl pregnant or get a STD i strongly reccomend using a condom

Answer #2

How can I get her pregnant through anal sex?

Answer #3

You cant I dont think, I’m not positive but I dont htink it is possible that way

Answer #4

But you could still get a STD through anal

Answer #5

yes you can, as long as neither of you have a disease then you should be fine but you can not get her pregant through anal, just vaginal sex.

Answer #6

yes u can have anal sex without a condom hahaha and no you cant get a female pregnant by doing so

Answer #7

You can do anything without a condom, including, but not limited to: play chess, build model trains and/or have anal sex. Just make sure your partner is clean (has no STDs and is washed in the pooper).

Also, I’m positive that you can’t get pregnant from anal sex…but if someone has, that must be one ugly and unhappy baby…

Answer #8

you can, but obviously its not safe, poo can be transfered to the pen1s, you can also still catch an std, and in the rare case that the semem runs down your bum crack and on/in your vagina, you CAN get pregnant

Answer #9

I thought that this is how we produced lawyers.

Answer #10

Speaking of which, I was thinking about becoming a lawyer….Oh, wait. Oh, dear lord no. Mooooommmm!

Answer #11


Answer #12

Yes, you could but I would suggest you use one anyways just for precautions. I’ve heard stories of women getting pregnant from anal sex.

Answer #13

It won’t make her pregnant for sure if that is what you want not to happen

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