What has been the most amusing thing you've ever seen on the internet?

Answer #1

the funnest thing ive seen on the internet is Scarlett takes a tumble. i cried for about 10 mins just replaying it over and over again (:

Answer #2

That…. Is hilarious! (:

Answer #3


Answer #4

There was a video I watched on Youtube, I believe it also came on TV, but it was a chimpanzee up in a tree on a branch. It stuck it’s finger up it’s butthole (I guess scratching it), then smelled his finger.His head went flying back, and he fell straight backwards out of the tree. HAhaha, it was soo funny! Here is the link http://funadvice.com/r/3kcnpi6t0n

Answer #5


Answer #6

Oh my gosh - she hurt herself…that’s not funny :(

Answer #7

The best commercial ever :) http://funadvice.com/r/3kco7soru5

Answer #8

haha i just watched that!! i think the funniest thing i seen was…well i cant remember but it would have been something on youtube, maybe this… http://funadvice.com/r/3kcp8jjnh6 ha

Answer #9

bieber takes a tumble lolzzz

Answer #10

I love watching live TV bloopers.

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