Why are there so many Americans who love and worship Sarah Palin and think she has the "Presidential" material to become a leader?

She is not the sharpest tool in the shed when she is being interviewed, so why DO Americans think she is the Saviour to their financial woes?

Answer #1

I was reading reviews on this and one person said the following: She is prettier She can put her birth certificate on the table She has balls She does not blame She takes care of problems like one with balls does She has experience. Looks like they forgot to look at her racist side. Some believe that she is better than Obama. Another one claimed: “ she is entertaining, an extreme right winger, says a lot of colorful things, and whether she runs as a Republican or on a third party ticket, she will draw votes that will help assure Obama’s victory in 2012.” And others believe that she is the best Republican Candidate by far. This is what an article I found about the Americans liking her.”: When it comes to liking Sarah Palin as a person, most Americans don’t. The poll finds that more Americans view Palin negatively than positively and that her book tour did not improve overall views of her. However, her divisive nature has worked to slightly increase both her favorable and unfavorable ratings. The poll shows that forty-one percent view her unfavorably, compared with 38 percent in November and 37 percent in July. And only 26 percent of people polled view Palin favorably, compared with 23 percent in November and July of last year. http://funadvice.com/r/14q146prf6l Different people have their own reasons I guess.

Answer #2

i had no idea who she was so i looked and jeasus christ if brains were ever dead in a living person she’d win hands down o_O

russia is our next door neighbour we can see it from alaska ::|

Answer #3

LOLLL. I was youtubing her interviews last night and OMGGGGG, she talks and talks but nothing makes sense. I’m sure not all yanks are like that but if she is elected as President, America is going to be a laughing stock. Imagine Ms Palin having a conversation with world leaders. I think it would be fun watching her run the country thou.

Answer #4

I personally am not a big fan of Sarah Palin, mostly thanks to that trainwreck of a show Sarah Palin’s Alaska. As an American, I don’t really feel like she is the savior to our financial woes. She has some strong points, and she has negative ones, as all politicians do. Obama was really supposed to be the savior to our financial woes. Realize though, that Bush was also not the sharpest tool in the shed when it came to public speaking/ being interviewed, and he served two full terms.

Answer #5

I dont and wouldnt like sarah palin and almost all americans feel the same way.

Answer #6

What about our current president? Look at what is happening.

Answer #7

Bush was an idiot. And he managed to get in office AND stay in office. Apparently intelligence is not a requirement to serve in office.

Answer #8

Sarah Palin is not loved or worshipped by many Americans. In fact, most of us despise her. The only reason she was pulled into the campaign with McCain at all was because she was female. There were handfuls of women supporting Clinton solely for that reason, and McCain was trying to pick up her leftovers when she dropped out. Sarah Palin, to be honest, is probably still kept in the media because she’s fun to ridicule. You’re speculating when you say we think she’s a saviour, and that we love her. I can’t stand the woman, and most of the people in my community agree. I only know of two people that have any liking for her at all, and one of them is a feminist and knows nothing about her, the other isn’t the brightest bulb in the refrigerator.

Answer #9

Yeah, I have looked, and I see two years of steady improvement. I have seen lots of good things happening. When he came into office we were on the brink of another great depression. His policies backed us off of that, and now we are seeing a slow recovery. Nothing more should have been expected.

Answer #10

As Joe Biden said, Sarah Palin is the most unqualified person to run for president since George W. Bush.

She is as dumb as a bag of rocks. She has absolutely no shot at becoming president. She couldn’t even finish one term as governor. I hope the GOP nominates her, it will be a sure win for Obama. But I don’t think they are that stupid. Only tea partiers think she has anything to offer.

Answer #11

Americans are as fickle as a $20 ho. Few seem to remember how bad things were under GWB or perhaps they were in denial.

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Answer #13

i do not think she is even a good presidential candidate, she is just like obama where the nation is in a bad state so some1 is going to talk like they can fix every problem, and people jump on them. yeah that worked well with obama. im sure it will work well with her. yeah and that is the day oil becomes free and world goes to peace. i am being sarcastic btw. i hate both of them.

Answer #14

Just remember this………… it doesn’t mater who is chosen as our chief representative, it’s all decided long before anyone one of them decide to run for president. Everyone is watched watched and watched some more, until the “group” decides who they want to represent them. Like our current president, he was chosen durning the primaries as the one to win, and guess what….. we got the chosen one. It has been that way for every president since Kennedy. Kennedy was the last of the free choice presidents.

Answer #15

If they, the “group”, chose Palin, we will have Palin as president. If they want Hillary Clinton, even though she has said I don’t want to run for public office anymore, she will run and win.

Answer #16

im gonna have another butchers around tomorrow and see if i can find something intelligent………………………………………………………..

but her saying alaska can she russia is just……… i cant see france from dover. shes like forrest gump in a skirt.

life is like a box of chocol……….. spuds.

Answer #17

I think the sensible ones with good education despise her and the less educated ones think she’s great.(hundreds turned up for her booking signing) It is strange how some people have a go at Obama, when this woman isn’t even on the same placing fields as B.O.

Answer #18

Watch a few of her interviews pre-obama election win, guarantee to make you laugh… Sarah Palin, couldn’t even name one American’s forefathers or tell a famous news reader which newspapers she actually picks up and read, the reply was “all of them”. She is great memorising her speeches thou, like a parrot, talk the talk but have no idea what the ‘talk” is about.

Answer #19

Hundreds turned up for her book signing, and I’m sure millions googled her and looked her up on youtube, and effing loved Tina Fey as her on SNL, but that doesn’t mean too much. The President is always going to be made fun of, regardless of how good he is, because that’s just how people are, and he’s either going to ignore it, or laugh along with it, depending on the guy. They can’t say too much about Obama, he’s doing just fine. The book signing is just like going to the circus: it’s not as fun just watching it on T.V.

Answer #20

There aren’t that many. A Sarah Palin candidacy is the political wet dream of the establishment left.

I think you are getting a very one sided view… but there is some merit to the misconception. Sarah Palin has been thrust upon the Tea Party movement as its media darling heir apparent… no doubt by people who would oppose the intentions of those folks who began the movement first as a call for real fiscal conservatism and libertarian ethos… then as the supporters of the upset Ron Paul candidacy. The Tea Party as a whole has moved away from the original call to stop the wars and recall the troops… to abolish the Patriot and Military commissions acts… and to cut the budgets of the bureaucracies that deal in domestic and foreign intelligence. More mainstream republicans have signed on for the Tea Party mantra for the most part… but won’t go that far… yet. The bigger tent Tea Party people still think that there should be less executive legislation… less bureacracy… less spending in general… and that a government mandated health insurance extortion ring is at best unconstitutional and at worst a high crime.

So the attempt to plant the face of Sarah Palin… who was an establishment candidate… on this movement is the attempt from the establishment to curtail the goals of the movement. Those people who gather their entire viewpoint from the establisment media… are only getting to see the propagandized version of reality… one in which the establishment is doing its damnedest to bring to fruition.

Answer #21

You are right and very informative. :-) Unfortunately I used up all my “like” on this question, so here is my “like”. Top answer.

Answer #22

lol… thanks… good enough for me!

Answer #23

Hey miscegenymiser, long time no speak…

If the tea party started out as you say, it was at its very infancy. It did not begin to gain momentum until the Koch brothers got involved and financed much of their activities, especially the disruptions (assualts practically) at the town hall meetings during the healthcare debate. That is when people started to hear about it, not when its motives were more independent as you describe. You know where I stand on healthcare, so no need to go there, but as far as I am concerned, there was no tea party before the healthcare debate.

Answer #24

Probably because the news suggests so.

Answer #25


Answer #26

Don’t take my word for it:

http :// www. communitycurrency .org/sfteaparty .html

just remove the spaces… tags aren’t allowed in responses.

Sure… I am not disputing the attempted usurpation by the establishment… I made this argument. I cannot agree to everything the bigger tent Tea Party promotes… but I am in full agreement against government mandated extortion… executive legislation and hegemonic bureaucracies. I welcome anyone who maintains these principles… especially at a time when principles typically encompass nothing but begin and end in partisan affiliation. See video:

note: the video alludes to the original House version of H.R. 3962 that followed sections 7201 and 7203 of the US Internal Revenue code which makes the failure to pay a federal income tax or penalty fine a criminal offense. The version that passed only mandates an excise tax enforceable through wage garnishment… which is an ingenious tact for those insurance companies who wrote the bill because why waste money on prisoners when they could be your wage slaves instead?

Answer #27

Video response:

Answer #28

Hmm, don’t like the question and answers, don’t click onto it. What is not of interest to you, is of interest to the people who answered.

Answer #29

i had a reply from an 11 month old topic a wek ago so claming its old by 5 days is dodo head.

Answer #30

miscegenymiser , I know you think we should not have any government sponsored healthcare, but let me ask you this. If we could have medicare for all, would you consider that better than the current bill? Because I do have major problems with this bill in that it mandates buying health insurance from private companies. It is a win win for the insurance companies. I think we should have had a strong public option or a single payer system like medicare, and just do away with private health insurance.

Answer #31

Personally… I would rather have a public option universal system financed by a massive slash to the defense budget… beginning with the military aid to all of our satellite nations… the maintenance of US miltary bases world wide… and the cessation of the fraudulent wars in the Middle East and Central Asia. If we would stop policing the world… there is no real need to raise taxes to pay for a universal health care system here. Healthcare is one of those sticking points concerning a laissez-faire capitalist system… because leverage is always on the side of the healthcare industry… people always need their product and services… so i am not opposed to socializing the system as long as an option to secure private care is always available because competition drives technology and efficiency.

Answer #32

We almost agree 100% on something. Almost…

That is probably a first…

Answer #33

LOL… that means you got one thing right!

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