America is so fat that if fat people have kids they are fatties?

Is it true that america is so fat that if fat people have kids there kids are atomaticly fatties?

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If the parents are BORN being fat, then the kids have a large chance of being... well, large. But if the parents are born average weight, and gain weight throughout their lifetime, then no, their kids are fine. It all has to do with the parents DNA!

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While genetics do have a factor in determining a child's weight, there are also other things to consider such as diet and activity.

what is the best way for fat people to run a mile for soccer practice?

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Nope. Is it true that all British people have horrible teeth?

Also untrue...:)

If people always say I'm fat, is it true?
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I dunno ask Alkaneo

f people telling me im that im fat is it nessecary true or not?

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don't belive the T.V. ok babe

What! you guys thin fat people can have flat tummies?

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