Your most amazing kiss?

Describe your most amazing kiss! =]

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Passionate, romantic kisses are the best.
And I LOVE the "just because"... random type kisses too.

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My most amazing kiss was a simple one, yet romantic nonetheless. It was with my ex-boyfriend, but it was still the most amazing kiss I've ever had.

It was four months into our relationship, and we were just sitting around in his room. At the most random of moments, while I was talking about a project I had for school, he leaned in and just kissed me. It started out as just a simple peck, but then he pecked me on the lips again and again, until he suddenly rolled me onto my back and full on kissed me. At first, I only started to pant because of how fast he was going (it's ok, though, I like it fast) and then suddenly, his tongue traced around my lips, then traced my bottom lip before it entered the mouth. Then his tongue went along my teeth and made slow swirls on my tongue. By the time he pulled away, I was gasping for breath and when I stood, my knees gave out on me.

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Mine really wasn't like with tongue (completely) or anything, seeing as how I was only 12 at the time, but Here goes: We were planning to make out at my house after a football game. So when we get there, (its night and my dads not home) he pins me up against the wall and goes in for the kill. As soon as he is about ready to insert his tongue, I pushed his head back and told him I wasnt ready. He darted straight out of the door without another word. I chased after him calling his name. When I finally caught up to him I asked why he did that and if he was mad at me. He said that he thought my dad had pulled up into the driveway then grabbed my hands and put them around his neck and grabbed my waist and started kissing me (no tongue) in the middle of the street. Then he just stopped all of a sudden and told me he loved me. It was so amazing!!!

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Well I'll describe the one kiss I've had with my boyfriend ;]
I was walking out to the buses at school to go home, and I couldnt find my boyfriend because he was caught up in the traffic in the hallways so I just walked with some friends out to the buses. I walked past his bus and he ran out of the bus (still parked lol) and he ran out and hugged me really tight. It was sprinkling rain btw ;D and then we kissed on the lips and afterward we both said our byes and we each got on our buses with blushed faces ;]

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my most amazing kiss was actually my first kiss with my currently boyfriend. we use to work together at the time. earlier that day he asked me out and we made plans to see each other that weekend. on our way out of work, I decided I didn't want to wait for a kiss, so I pushed him in a dark corner so no one could see us, and I just kissed him it was soo passionate and AMAZING! it was so amazing we both wanted to take it to the next level *wink wink* but we didn't and well 4 years later we are still kissing the same way we did that first night.

kiss me thru the phonee !

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