Am i taking the pregnancy test too soon?

I took 3 test already and the were all negative. Yet I still have a lot of the symptoms! I noticed almost 2 weeks ago I was feeling weird! Almost 5 days after my period which ended July 24,2009 My boyfriends condom broke! I than had another period soon after that starting on Aug 9,2009. Why did my period come so early? Could I be prego and its just too soon to tell?

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Actually sperm can live up to 7 days in a woman but thank you guys for all your support and replies! I go to the doctor Sept.10th!

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I would take a test on or after Aug. 24th since that is when you should have gotten your next period.
A women ovulates about 14 days from the first day of her period and sperm can live for days inside a womens body.
So you either are pregnant and were experiancing implantation bleeding, and you are taking the test to early.
Or your period is just out of whack,
I would take a test at the end of this month

Did I do the pregnancy test too soon?
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Well since you have your period you probley are not pregnant. How ever if you are really worried about it you should make an apointment to see a doctor and get a blood test to check if your pregnant
Yours truly,
Demika Ray.

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You Can get your period during a pregfnancy , in the early trimester or somethigng like that?

Was the pregnancy test wrong?
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go to the doctor,they can tell you.

Should I wait or take a pregnancy test now?
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umm harleyrider sprem can survive three days inside a woman

Will a pregnancy test be accurate?

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