How soon can I take a pregnancy test?

what is the best time to take it? I mean, days/weeks after.

Answer #1

I think after about three days or so

Answer #2

I would say a few days after your missed period.. (unless you’re very regular and know the exact date you’re supposed to start) I’m so irregular so I always think I’m pregnant. =/

Answer #3

I’ve only just stopped having the Depo Injection, so I don’t know when I am due

Answer #4

You can take a pregnancy test one week before your period is due if you buy an early detection test, if you buy a regular test you need to wait until you actually miss your period. An at home pregnancy test normally cant detect the pregnancy hormone for up to two to three weeks after you had sex.

Answer #5

i dont know when i am due, cos i just came off Depo

Answer #6

Take the test about 3 weeks after you believe you conceived (i.e. after the condom ripped).

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