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Am I pregnant from him having c*m on his fingers?

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my boyfriend fingered me 25 days before..and we had a doubt that he had c*m on is finger when he fingered me.but we did'nt take any preventive measure.then after that we had s*x with condom I guess a few days before.but we were still worried about the fingering incedent.I searched on internet and found some home remedies for abortion.I found that people used knitting needles for abortion..I did'nt use that but I fingered myself 3 days before thinking that it might help if I am since then I am bleeding not in a considerable amount but minor mensuration date was due on 28 august that is today.I dont know whether those stains are due to my cycle or due to fingering.I have never bleeded after fingering in earlier incedents.I am very worried please help...