Am I fat??? Do you think im fat???

Well I am 13, 5.3 ft and everytime I look in mirror I feel fat and otha day tbis lad called me obese and I have low asstem anyway… So now I feel like sh!t

Please help


Xxx loves xxx

Answer #1

dayum, you are certainly not fat, you have nice thighs

Answer #2

you are not fat, your like a stick in that photo, its all in your head.

Answer #3

everybody looks at themselves in different ways,mostly negative, if you’ve got it hanging over the side of your pants then that is a little bit overweight. But you look perfectly halthy ad gorgeous! :P

Answer #4

dont watch that T.V. demon anymore ok baby,when you see anything about celebrities or models turn,because they are getting in your head,you dont look fat you look like you have a eating disorder.

Answer #5

u look belemic who ever told you you were fat must be close to death or sumthin g wtf wow their juss tranna make you feel bad. in my opinion your wway to skinny

Answer #6

shes joking. your skinny. I say that as a sarcastic joke to people as thin as you! dont listen to herr: P just take it as a joke.

Answer #7

The problem is in your head… not in your body…

Everyone has insecurities. Part of growing up is accepting yourself for who you are and what you’re capable of…

Answer #8

I don’t think you are fat I think you look very slilm and don’t listen to boys they can not even tell the diffarents between sh!t and a chocolate stick when those boy say that again just say “I keen I am not fat” then say something total insulting to them and walk away and if they come back with a load of sh!t just laught and walk away. lots of love phebz

Answer #9

you look like a twig. seriously. whoever called you obese was retarded.

if someone ever calls you fat just look at them straight in the eyes and say “I can fix my weight, but YOU can never fix stupid”

Answer #10

it looks like you could actually be underweight, not obese whoever called you that is a complete moron and your low self esteem has lead you to beleive what he says and to compare yourself to the medias unrealistic and fake images its all in your head and you are a lot thinner than you think you are you may even need to gain weight see a doctor and ask them to calculate your bmi (body mass index) for yourt height and age he/she will be able to tell you what weeight range your in and how much you need to loose or gain to be in the healthy weight range

Answer #11

your def not fat. if anything you look like you could stand to put on some weight. Your a teenager don’t worry about your weigjt just have fun.

People like fun people more then they do thin people.

Answer #12

ok first of all that person who told you that has problems because your so so skinny not even close to fat or healthy you look like a twig, hella skinny so iiono how can she call you obese, thats impossible if you dont even look never heahlthy, thick or fat just to let you know, be happy with the way you are because I so wish I can be a twig like you im the one whos fat ok, and if that person who told you that would to see me, then yes she can call me fat cuss I am

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