Am I crazy to want my funeral not to be depressing?

I just want my freinds to to tell stories about m and make jokes at my funeral. I want my funeral to be like my last party you know? Is that crazy?

Answer #1

No, I know a lot of people who would rather have their lives celebrated at funerals than their deaths mourned.

Answer #2

I’m not sure I understand, whats a cajun wake?

My apologies, the correct term is ‘Jazz Funeral’ …similar to an ‘Irish Wake’

Answer #3

I rather mine be happy than sad too. To remember the funny and crazy things you did in your life time. Obviously they’ll cry because they’re going to miss you and care about you. but I know exactly what you mean.

Answer #4

No its not crazy at all. Many people actually dont want that. Its great that you want people to think of all the great things you did rather than mourn and cry

Dont get me wrong they obviously will cry and stuff because they cared but nope, its not crazy at all :]

Answer #5

A wake over here is a very old tradition where someone has to be awake with the body for 24hrs after the death. Usually the body is laid in bed, on a table or displayed in the coffin while the family and friends sit around it drinking and talking. Sometimes some peoplr get verry drunk and sing songs into the early hours of the morning

Its actually a beautiful experience. It helps with the grieving process and also allows everyone to give support to each other. It was originally done to make sure the person wasn’t just unconcious.

Answer #6

I understand what you’re talking about. I’ve told my wife if I go first, to ship me off to be cremated IMMEDIATELY, and not to have a traditional depressing funeral at all. If they want to get together and talk about how fantastic I was…well, I guess I’m ok with that, but I don’t want any speeches or sermons or religious activities. …just lots of booze and hopefully someone gets laid.

…then I remind her that funerals are actually for the living, and she can do whatever helps make her feel better.

BTW, I’m sorry to hear about your condition. I’ll make a toast in your honor in ~6 months.

Answer #7

It’s not crazy. I’m planning mine too - invitation only. :)

Answer #8

You’re planning YOUR funeral? or someone else’s?

Answer #9

Sounds like a ‘cajun wake’ to me… very fun…

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