Am I becoming gay?

It all started when my girfriend was giving me oral and she then went lower to my bum and started rimming me. It felt really good. The next day same thing annd she went further will giving me a bj she pushed 1 then 2 fingers in me and hit my magic button. I really enjoyed it. About 2 days later she blind folded me hand cuffed my hands behind my back and on my knees and she used a strap on on me. I really really liked it. What worries me now is I want to try the real thing. Am I gay or just curious.

Answer #1

it shouldnt matter what other people think if you like it then stick with it…I would…and I think you are just curious thats all

Answer #2

probably not a lot of men actually enjoy having there bumhole licked or having something up there because thats were there prostate is (the equivilant of the female g-spot)

Answer #3

curious.. my fiancee likes anal, honestly it just feels good.

Answer #4

I would say your just curious.

Answer #5

you gay

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