Am i at a healthy weight

Im 5"9 and 169 lbs I never eat junkfood and am very healthy in the foods I eat I work out 3 times a week and im worried that something may be wrong with me because I think im overweight

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A healthy weight isnt determined by a scale, its determined on how good you feel, how healthy you are. By scale im mobidly obese. But health wise besides one of my health conditions, I am healthy =) so dont base it on the numbers, base it on how you feel.

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I just re read my answer and the last sentance I meant to write SHOULD NOT lose weight. I hope you knew that by the context of the sentance. the jist of what I was saying is..While your numbers are in the normal are doing all the right stuff..eating healthy and exercising..and thats all that matter. You should never get to fixated on the numbers or you'll drive yourself crazy!

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I agree with ash121, it's not only determined by what the scale says. It's good to know what you weigh, but not to concern yourself too much with numbers. I don't own a scale, get weighed at Dr when I go, or sometimes I'll pull a scale down from off the shelf in a store just to see, but I go by how I feel mostly. I know that I work out 6 times a week, mix of cardio and strength training, eat very healthy, except for my cheat day, which is important to have, we can't completely deprive ourselves!!! So by all that, I know that I'm at a healthy weight.

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your BMI is 25 which is right on the cusp of normal and overweight..but dont panic this is the thing with the body mass doesnt factor in muscle..and so seeing that you are a male and you said you work out 3 times a week, im sure you have a good amount of muscle built up..which means you are not at all overweight. If you are exercising regularly and eating a healthy have nothing to worry about. You have nothing to worry about, and you definitely should lose any weight.

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