When do puppies open their eyes?

When do new puppies open their eyes?

Answer #1

2 weeks, and at the same time or at 3 weeks, they lern to walk. My friend had some puppies and when their eyes were opening they started walking and were walking with their eyes closed lol.

Answer #2

3-4 weeks

Answer #3



they open there eyes in a couple of weeks hope I helped

Answer #4

about 2 weks for them to open there eyes

Answer #5

couple of days

Answer #6

they open their eyes in 10 to 14 days

Answer #7

Puppies open their eyes when they are about 2 weeks old. Their eyes will open slowly, not all at once at first. You will see little slits in their eyes and they will slowly start opening more everyday on their own. Just A Note: Please do not, try to forcefully pry their eyes open. You can do permanent damage to their eyes or cause them to go blind. The only reason I’m telling you this, is because a lot of people that do have newborn puppies, don’t know that they can cause the puppies their eyesight and they try to forcefully pry the eyes open. The puppies eyes, need to adjust to the light. That’s one of the main reasons they open slowly.The puppies will open their ears when they are about 3 weeks old and they will be able to hear.

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