What's a fun activity to do for my 16th birthday?

does anybody have a good idea for a fun activity to do for turning 16. I have a boyfriend and a best friend that I want to include. I want to have a party at my house for my family and friends, but I used to do that every year (until I turned 12) so then I thought about a party at the radisson, but then it’s kinda cramped and just doesn’t seem worth it…any ideas?? btw, I don’t drink or smoke or do drugs and I’m kinda tight on a budget. I’m getting a job soon, so that will help and my mom is willing to put SOME (emphasis on the word some) money into it.

Answer #1

thanks. happy birthday to you too. mine isn’t until august, but I usually do something in either june or july for it. my mom was asking me already for some reason. I never thought about bowling. have fun for your bday and thanks for the advice!!

Answer #2

go to a dance club with your friend and boyfriend and like bowling and stuff pretty much w.e you like… my bday is monday and im going to the city with a few friends and im turning 16 too. well hope I helped ~kaitlyn~ oh and happy early bday ^ ^

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