Where does the other air in the car go when you have the air-con on?

When you have the windows up with the air-con set on the setting where new air is coming into the car, where does the old air go?

Answer #1

lol, the old air doesn’t go anywhere, when something is hot, the anatomical particles are moving rapidly causing friction which is why it feels hot. Cooling the air down is basically slowing down the movement of the atoms in the air.

Answer #2

I’m pretty sure it just gets mixed with the cold air.

Answer #3

But what if there is too much air in the car, like blowing up a balloon, and it EXPLODES?

Answer #4

Haha there won’t be too much air because there are cracks everywhere in a car ;o

Answer #5

lol… Renee, car windows aren’t air tight… :P

Answer #6

Oh, right….

Answer #7

Its called “recirculated air”. And Miguel is right.

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