I don't like school, any advice?

Well, I started back at school recently, I joined the school a month before the end of term the last school year.

I haven’t got any friends, I get lost alll the time, I feel ugly, because some of the girls are really pretty, I feel stressed because all the teachers ever do is talk about GCSE’s and its scaring me, I’m really tired every day because it takes me ages to get to sleep because I don’t want to go back to school.

I just want to be back where I used to live, with all my friends, at my nice school, with the nice teachers, I miss my friends sooo much!

Any advice?

Sorry, I know there have been quite a lot of school questions recently. =]


Answer #1

who cares what other people think, be your self. if you just moved there then maybe later in the school year things would get settled down a little bit more for you.

Answer #2

Don’t worry about all those pretty girls, as long as you’re confident in yourself, you shine. Wow that sounded corny, but it’s very true. And just try and meet new people. Soon you’ll melt in with a group of people who you really click with

Answer #3

Well just go up and talk to people. That’s what I do, and I’ve made a few friends from doing that. It took some courage, but I did it. I think I’m ugly too, so yeah. I’ve been trying to get my confidence up, and it’s not really working :/

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