agression in paintball

how much is to much ot to little aggression in paintball, what is the good balance

Answer #1

I started paintball more then 2 weeks ago and love it and you are quite right, people do get hyped up a lot during the games…I find the guys tend to be more aggressive and do enjoy shotting their opponents at close range (which hurts).

It’s impossible to have a good balance, as everyone’s different on the field and you have players who have 500 paintballs and others will less then 300 so its boils down who is trigger happy during the game…lol its very easy to lose yourself during the game and go blastic at the other team your shotting at.

Answer #2

there is no balance. I say just go out and merk mo-fos. yea.

Answer #3

haha omg dont be aggressive, people wont appreciate people who are like that much and its different for paintball considering there is two kinds mainly played first is woods ball and then next but rapidly growing sport is speedball, for woods ball you need to be sneaky and very silent, I find it much easier to shoot someone in woods then it is in speed considering is a huge playing field with a lot to hide in, in speed ball which is a game played with inflatable bunkers or other materials like wood set on a organized field and you have to think quick and control your self or your going to panic and get shot out, and shoot were ever you can on them, the marker (gun) or body, any were, shooting the face is just a bonus.

Answer #4

Be as agressive as possible and if that doesn’t work be very sneaky hide under or behind stuff always air for the face mask especially the eyes so they can’t see or aim for there arms like there hands so it hurts so shoot

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